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Benefits of Argan Oil

The miraculous benefits of using Argan oil has been largely unknown to the world wide, few years ago the incredible oil has caused a huge demand from the outside world, mainly from the cosmetic industry. The oil serves as a multi-purpose beauty product, ranging from Argan based creams, soaps and shampoos.

Argan oil is a pure anti-aging, anti-oxidant and a rich source of vitamin E, omega 6 and omega 9.

Argan oil is a super food for the skin, used for moisturizing, and hair, used as brilliantine to fortify and nourish . It has gained a lot of importance in recent decades throughout the world wide because of the medicinal nutritional and cosmetic benefits such as: anti-aging diminishing wrinkles, reducing scars, preventing stretch marks, stimulating and restoring nutrients to the skin cells and providing relief for burns, eczema and psoriasis.

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Collagen Light Technology

Newly introduced

This beauty treatment is non-invasive and creates collagen naturally within your skin by stimulating the its natural production of collagen to give you fresh rejuvenation.

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Take advantage of some of the benefits of online reservations to save time and ensure a stress-free treatment

A convenient and hassle-free way

One advantage of requesting an appointment online is the convenience. Customers on the go can even make reservations on their smartphones or tablets. There's no need for lengthy phone calls -- with just a few minutes and a click of the mouse, you'll have all your plans finalized.

Access to all possible choices

When booking online, you get to see all the available services in detail and thus the possibility to choose the most appropriate service for you. In addition, you will receive an email with your reservation details, as well as complete information on the service you have chosen.

Terms and Conditions for Vouchers

Argana gift vouchers will contain a monetary value or treatment service for the spa.The content of the gift voucher may be used as full or part payment against the cost for a spa service. The gift card must be handed in to the receptionist for validation prior to the commencement of the treatment or service.

Gift vouchers may not be refunded, except in accordance with your legal rights and is not exchangeable for any form of cash or credit.


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