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Facial treatments may feel like a luxury, but they are a necessity to uncover, restore and rejuvenate your beautiful skin. A thorough skin analysis is conducted to ensure it is perfect for your skin type.

Facial treatments


Traditionally practiced in the Middle East, threading is most commonly used for eyebrow shaping, removing facial hair- from upper and lower lips, chin, sides of the face, and the space between eyebrows.

Smoothing Methods


We are constantly researching new products, treatments, delivery methods and techniques so we can provide you with the most up-to-date, technologically advanced contemporary body art, products and beauty treatments.

Body Art

Skincare Rejuvenation Packages

Access Hydradermie Deluxe

by appointment only

In little more than one relaxing hour your skin will look 'brand new'. Tailored to suit the needs of your skin type and beauty aims the Hydradermie facial uses Ionization, Oxygenation and lifting massage to gain superb results making your skin clearer, healthier and radiantly beautiful all year round. Recommended as a course of 3 treatments or as a maintenance treatment every month.

450 AED

Guinot Beaute Neuve Facial

by appointment only

The Beaute Neuve treatment is designed with skin radiance in mind as fatigue, stress and the passing years can contribute to the loss of radiance, loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of pigmentation marks. With a 'peeling' treatment dull skin cells are gently removed revealing healthy new cells. The Fruit Acids in the 'Peel In' gel penetrate between the dead cells to cut intercellular links, while the 'Peel out' foam gently removes them. To conclude the treatment, the Clarimasque with pure Vitamin C regenerates the elastic fibres and lightens pigmentation marks leaving the skin radiant. One treatment will restore a radiant complexion whilst a course of three will reduce pigmentation marks or lighten the skin.

280 AED

Make Up

  • Eyebrows Bleaching

    50 AED

  • Eyelashes Refill

    200 AED

  • Eyelashes Removal

    50 AED

  • Forehead Threading

    30 AED

  • Full Face Threading

    80 AED

  • Normal Eyelashes Extension

    150 AED

  • Special Make up

    500 AED

  • Standard Make Up W/Lashes

    350 AED

  • Standard MakeUp without Lashes

    300 AED

  • Upper Lip Threading

    20 AED


  • Blow Dry Belt Level

    120 AED

  • Blow Dry Kids Long Hair

    100 AED

  • Blow Dry Kids Medium Hair

    70 AED

  • Blow Dry Kids Short Hair

    50 AED

  • Blow Dry Medium Hair

    100 AED

  • Blow Dry Short Hair

    60 AED

  • Blow Dry Shoulder Level Hair

    80 AED

  • Blow Dry V.Long Hair

    150 AED

  • Bridal Hair Style

    1000 AED

  • Fair

    150 AED

  • Full Color

    350 AED

  • Full Color Long

    450 AED

  • Hair Botox

    1500 AED

  • Hair Color Half Head

    250 AED

  • Hair Cut

    150 AED

  • Hair Cut Front Cut

    50 AED

  • Hair Cut Kids

    50 AED

  • Hair Decoloration

    200 AED

  • Hair Iron

    150 AED

  • Hair Rebonding

    700 AED

  • Hair Retouch

    50 AED

  • Hair Shadow

    400 AED

  • Hair Style

    250 AED

  • Hair Trimming

    80 AED

  • Hammam Zait

    120 AED

  • Henna

    100 AED

  • Highlight Full Head

    400 AED

  • Highlight Half Head

    250 AED

  • Keratine Long

    1000 AED

  • Keratine Short

    700 AED

  • Kid Color

    50 AED

  • Roots Color

    150 AED

  • VIZO Hair Treatment

    100 AED

  • Wella Hair Treatment

    200 AED

Defining the natural beauty of your eyebrows through a unique and revolutionary multi-step high definition process. The treatment is a high-precision procedure that transforms your eyebrows into their perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features.

Hair coloring is a complex and skilled job requiring creativity and knowledge, and may offer more creative possibilities than hair cutting. A change in hair color can accentuate the eyes and skin, and transform a cut with texture and volume, as well as make an impact with a bold shade.

Semi-Permanent Make-up, also know as micropigmentation is the term used for applying coloured pigments into the second (dermal) layer of the skin. The procedure is safe and effective on eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner enhancing natural beauty, giving features shape and definition.

Argan OilWe provide pure Argan oil and pure organic herbs, grandmother recipes. Argan oil is created by extracting the natural oils from Argan tree nuts. The argan tree is primarily found in Morocco. Given the limited areas where this tree grows, there is a short supply of this oil, but high demand for argan oil products. This is further complicated by the difficult extraction methods used to produce the oil which limits its shelf life to 3-6 months, leading to high prices for argan oil. The high antioxidant content of argan oil can help to improve immunity to certain diseases including endometrial, prostate, breast or colorectal cancer. Using this oil has been known to improve brittle nails, soothe arthritis and rheumatism pain and insulin resistance.

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Collagen Light Technology

Newly introduced

This beauty treatment is non-invasive and creates collagen naturally within your skin by stimulating the its natural production of collagen to give you fresh rejuvenation.

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Take advantage of some of the benefits of online reservations to save time and ensure a stress-free treatment

A convenient and hassle-free way

One advantage of requesting an appointment online is the convenience. Customers on the go can even make reservations on their smartphones or tablets. There's no need for lengthy phone calls -- with just a few minutes and a click of the mouse, you'll have all your plans finalized.

Access to all possible choices

When booking online, you get to see all the available services in detail and thus the possibility to choose the most appropriate service for you. In addition, you will receive an email with your reservation details, as well as complete information on the service you have chosen.

Terms and Conditions for Vouchers

Argana gift vouchers will contain a monetary value or treatment service for the spa.The content of the gift voucher may be used as full or part payment against the cost for a spa service. The gift card must be handed in to the receptionist for validation prior to the commencement of the treatment or service.

Gift vouchers may not be refunded, except in accordance with your legal rights and is not exchangeable for any form of cash or credit.


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